A Distinguished Career of Aviation Excellence

Tim McConnell was born to be a pilot. Ever since he was a kid growing up in Georgia he dreamed of being a pilot. But not even in his wildest dreams could he have imagined the positive impact he would make on so many lives as a pilot, a teacher, and an aircraft services provider.

After four decades of service in the aviation industry, he formed DoubleDay in 2017 in Greenville, South Carolina, where he and his experienced team of aviation professionals are dedicated to helping companies and individuals.

Find the ideal plane to meet their needs

Ensure they are properly trained

Manage and maintain the aircraft

Receive a significant return on investment through DoubleDay’s Charter Program


1986 – 1991

Pilot - Eastern Airlines

Worked alongside top-level pilots and instructors at Eastern Airlines. Tim piloted McDonald Douglas DC-9 Airliners and flew scheduled and private chartered flights along domestic and international routes to hundreds of North American and Caribbean destinations.

1992 – 2004

Principal/CEO/Director of Operations – Rhino Aviation

Rhino Aviation was a “grass roots” local air charter business—and the first executive-jet air charter service to open in Greenville, SC. Tim hired many young, talented, and enthusiastic pilots, mechanics, and business professionals. Training and mentoring were also part of his daily routine. He and his team worked hard to grow the company to become the busiest air charter service in South Carolina, with a varied fleet of owned and leased aircraft that ranged from single-engine Piper’s, cabin-class Cessna’s, King Air Turbo-Props, to Citation Jets, and Sabre Liner jets.

As the company grew, Tim was instrumental in providing other services, such as aircraft management, aircraft sales, and aircraft maintenance. Also, as they noticed increasingly more new Cirrus aircraft being bought by local Greenville and surrounding area pilots, Rhino opened a Cirrus Service Center to provide maintenance for their airplanes. They also placed bases in both Florida and Louisiana.

2004 – 2009

Principal/Board of Directors/Director of Operations - SATSair

Using NASA’s SATS (Small Aircraft Transportation System) model as a business blueprint and working alongside some of the most talented aviation professionals in the industry, Tim and his team were able to create one of the nation’s first successful air-taxi flying services. They utilized up to six Cirrus SR22 aircraft based in seventeen different domiciles across the Southeastern United States. By bringing together more than sixty former air cargo, corporate, military, and airline pilots, and training them how to fly the most advanced single-engine airplane of the time, they formed an stellar group of highly experienced Cirrus pilots. While using aircraft that only carry three passengers at a time, these pilots flew more than eleven million passenger miles over a six year period, while always maintaining an excellent safety rating and extremely high customer appreciation scores.

2017 – Present

CEO/President of DoubleDay

Given his lifelong love for aviation and “all things that fly,” Tim felt right at home working at Greenville Downtown Airport. He especially enjoys his work as a PLATINUM Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot-CSIP.


You won’t find a more seasoned team of aviation experts anywhere. These are “plane people.” Their lives revolve around aviation and they have a passion that makes them the best at what they do. DoubleDay’s experienced instructor pilots have a long history of training and mentoring pilots at all levels. Above all, our team is approachable, friendly, and grounded in safety. They provide a level of service and value that is without peer.

Areas Of Expertise:

Instruction / Training • Flight Operations • Aircraft Management • Private Air Charter • Avionics • Aircraft Sales • Aircraft Optimization • Aircraft Purchasing

“It has been an invaluable experience learning from Tim. His knowledge of Cirrus aircraft is unsurpassed. He went beyond teaching me how to fly—he taught me how to fly that specific aircraft for our business.”
Daryl Wurster – Wurster Engineering & Construction