It’s what our team does on the ground
That keeps your plane in the air

And your profits up, too.

There was a time when purchasing a plane seemed extravagant. But with DoubleDay, the exact opposite is true. Our experienced team will manage and service your aircraft—from purchase through a charter program—to ensure that you not only maximize your investment, but your return.

Brokerage/Sales • Flight Training • Aircraft Management • Charter Services

Our Services

Acquisition / Brokerage

Have you ever considered purchasing a plane—either as an enthusiast or for your business? Have you weighed the cost versus the benefit? Have you been uncertain about what plane to purchase? These are all questions our experienced team can answer. With a long history in aircraft sales and brokerage, we know that the first step to finding the right plane is to listen to your questions, goals, and concerns. Once we understand your vision, we will be able to find the perfect plane for you or your organization and ensure that your complete satisfaction is met. We have a vast network of aircraft suppliers to pull from, so finding the perfect plane—either new or pre-owned—is always our primary concern.

As for brokerage, our experience and industry connections allow us to find buyers quickly. And we will deliver your aircraft across the country and internationally, if necessary. We offer a one-stop type of service. As soon as a contract is agreed upon and signed, DoubleDay will ferry your aircraft to our hangar and handle everything from there. We will make sure the airplane is made ready for sale: maintenance, cleaning, all paperwork up to date, etc. Our professionals cover everything, right down to new owner delivery and training. We pride ourselves on turnkey service, taking responsibility for each point of the sales cycle to provide you with the best possible check at the end of the process.

Our Services

Flight Training

Tim and his team have logged thousands of hours in the air over several decades. They are adept at flying every type of aircraft—from bi-planes to the latest Cirrus models—and have a passion for training individuals of all skill levels regardless of hours logged. Whether you are a prospective aircraft buyer, a brand new pilot, a veteran pilot, or even a non-pilot looking for a greater understanding of what is actually going on in the cockpit…we can help. DoubleDay has a program to help you achieve your private pilot license, either in our aircraft or yours. We will further help you achieve your instrument rating, and beyond.

If you are interested in Cirrus aircraft, we are qualified to help. Doubleday Aviation offers PLATINUM CSIP (Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot) services. Regardless of your aircraft or personal or professional goals, a private pilot certificate can open up a world of opportunities, from sightseeing and vacationing with family and friends, to aerobatics, to becoming a commercial airline pilot, or a certified flight instructor. You can also take advantage of our more advanced training programs to add instrument, multi-engine, or commercial ratings, should you so desire.

Our Services

Aircraft Management

At Doubleday Aviation, we have a saying: “Whatever you normally do in a day… we will show you how to ‘Double It‘ with an airplane.” Those aren’t mere words—we stand by that. At DoubleDay, we specialize in starting conversations at your level of knowledge and determining your needs. Owning and operating your own aircraft can be a vital asset to accelerating your business goals and objectives. The benefits of aircraft ownership are numerous, but safe and cost-efficient aircraft management will require significant expertise and experience. We have that covered too. At Doubleday Aviation, we have the expertise and experience to take that on for you. Our comprehensive aircraft management program is the ideal solution for individuals and businesses with travel needs that justify private aircraft ownership, without the risks and responsibilities of managing day-to-day operations.

Our Services

Charter Program

Placing your aircraft in DoubleDay’s Charter Program is one of the best ways to offset the cost of ownership and even earn monthly income. “It’s not uncommon that I send our Charter program members a check at the end of every month,” says Tim McConnell. Depending on your needs and hours of personal or business usage, our Charter Program can be one of the best ways you can maximize the potential of your aircraft. Over the years, we have logged more than 1,000,000 miles in charter flights and we have become one of the most respected charter providers in the area. As the Greenville area and Upstate of South Carolina grows and continues to be a hub for regional, national, and international business, the demand for charter planes will continue to grow.

The professional team of top notch pilots, service mechanics, and Customer Service Representation make us a preferred provider for a number of businesses—and we have the flexibility to book your plane as much or as little as you want. And you can alter your charter program at any time, depending on your needs. You can rest assured that your aircraft will be maintained and managed to the highest performance standards, and that our pilots have years of experience and a long list of accolades and certifications to ensure your planes safety.

“It has been an invaluable experience learning from Tim. His knowledge of Cirrus aircraft is unsurpassed. He went beyond teaching me how to fly—he taught me how to fly that specific aircraft for our business.”
Daryl Wurster – Wurster Engineering & Construction