Pilot Your Own Adventure

DoubleDay was founded to make owning an aircraft and learning to fly it a fun, convenient, and personal experience. We are building an outstanding community of aircraft owners and safe pilots right here in the Upstate.

Whether you are riding in our modern aircraft or learning to fly your own, our highly trained professional pilots and expert flight instructors go above and beyond to ensure your safety, comfort, and enjoyment.

Everything for Your Aviation Needs

If you’re looking to own an aircraft, receive expert flight instruction, or charter a flight, DoubleDay Aviation has experienced professionals to help you achieve your goals.

Charter Flights

Customize your own flight itinerary and save time with private charter flights. Skip security lines and access airports closer to your destination. We are here to get you to your next destination quickly and safely.

charter home
become a pilot

Become a Pilot

Learn to fly your own aircraft while building a long-term relationship with the DoubleDay team. Our flight mentoring approach is uniquely personalized for you and your aircraft.

Buy an Airplane

Allow us to assist in acquiring your next airplane. Our team will help you determine what type of plane best suits you and your needs while walking you through the purchasing process.

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airplane management

Aircraft Management

From purchasing to maintenance, we are here to help manage your aircraft. You can rest assured that your aircraft is cared for and safe. We’ll take care of the dirty work so all you have to do is take off.