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From Day 1, our goal has been to help companies and individuals maximize their return on owning an aircraft. With comprehensive services—purchasing, training, management, and charter—we’re uniquely qualified to help companies and individuals keep their plane in the air, and profits up.
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Tim McConnell:

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With 40 years of experience, more than 17,000 hours logged in the air, and a stellar reputation for pilot training and aircraft management, Tim is at the pinnacle of the aviation industry. He’s here to help you get the most out of your investment.

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Brokerage / Sales

We have a long, distinguished history in aircraft sales and brokerage, along with a large network of potential buyers and sellers to help you meet your goals and objectives.

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Flight Training

The DoubleDay team has logged many in-flight hours and have several decades of experience training new pilots or helping individuals achieve advanced ratings.

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Air Craft Management

Meet or exceed your business goals by owning and operating your own aircraft. We offer comprehensive training and services to help you succeed.

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Charter Services

Placing your aircraft in DoubleDay’s Charter Program is a great way to offset the cost of ownership and maximize the potential of your plane.


Offset the cost of aircraft ownership

through our Charter Program

In addition to increasing a company’s speed and productivity, an aircraft can help pay for itself through DoubleDay’s custom Charter Services Program.

“Many companies look at plane ownership as an unnecessary expense, when they should look at it as new revenue stream and a means to business growth.”
— DoubleDay Owner, Tim McConnell

I have been flying with Tim McConnell since 2010, when he assisted me in purchasing my used G2 Cirrus airplane and provided the training necessary for me to fly it safely. At that time, although Tim was not involved in the Cirrus factory Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot(CSIP) program at that time, he was one of the most experienced Cirrus pilots in the world. This came from his ownership of an early Cirrus charter fleet, where he established flight procedures and trained dozens of commercial pilots to fly Cirrus aircraft all over the southeast United States.

In my 12 years of flying with Tim, and most recently Kevin Smith at Doubleday Aviation, I have benefitted from training they provided for FAA required flight reviews, instrument proficiency checks and helpful recurrency training to keep me confident and safe for all my flight activities. Recently I have considered selling my aircraft, and Tim would be the only broker I would consider. His business ethics are impeccable, his experience is unmatched and the Doubleday team he has put together can handle any issues involved.

As a now 12 year customer of Tim and the Doubleday team, I wholeheartedly recommend them for whatever any Cirrus pilot (or aspiring pilot) might need. At KGMU, and indeed the southeast U.S., they are simply the very best, and we are lucky to have them.

Gerald Gaige is a USAF fighter instructor pilot and CFI since 1968. Licensed for the N194LG Cirrus SR22 #2179. Holder of the FAA's Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award since 2016 for more than 50 years of safe flight.

Gerald Gaige – USAF fighter instructor pilot and CFI since 1968

Take Advantage

Of Our Advanced Training Programs

Not only has Tim McConnell logged thousands of hours in the air with the most elite carriers in the world, he has also personally trained hundreds of pilots over the course of four decades.

Why you might ask? Because he loves it. So whether you are a beginner, or someone looking to earn instrument, multi-engine, or commercial ratings, the team will help you earn your wings.