Become A Pilot

Picture yourself in the pilot’s seat of a modern aircraft, grasping the yoke, ready to take on the skies with your private pilot license.

Learn to Fly Or Advance Your Ratings With DoubleDay

Obtaining a private pilot license could be the next best thing you do for yourself. Upgrade your travel style and get to your next business meeting or leisure travel destination by flying yourself there. Take the step with DoubleDay and allow us to help make your aviation dreams a reality.


Our flight training offers you the flexibility to train and learn when your schedule allows while earning your private pilot license.


With thousands of logged hours in the air and over four decades of pilot training experience, our flight instructors are more than capable of equipping you with all skills needed to travel the skies.


We value building a relationship with you and continuing to mentor you after you’ve completed your training.


If you already own your aircraft, we will tailor the training to fit your plane.

flight training

Our Cirrus flight simulator offers even more flexibility in your training as we allow clients to utilize the simulator at their own convenience.

Imagine taking to the skies as the pilot of your own airplane! DoubleDay Aviation can show you how to save time and have fun traveling by air safely and comfortably. We offer specialized and customizable flight training by experienced instructors and pilots who are experts in modern aircraft. Whether you are looking to obtain your pilot license or advance your skills and ratings, we can help you achieve your aviation goals on your schedule.

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Take to the Skies

Let us help you achieve your dream of becoming a pilot and start training for your private pilot license.